Future Student

Dear Future Italy Abroad Student,

You’re about to have a crazy time in Italy. It is difficult to leave your friends and family for the summer, and it’s gonna be weird to spend your first Fourth of July in another country, but you will be super thankful you did it! You will meet lots of different people on this trip, people you would never run into on campus since they’re in different majors, but that’s the fun of it. It gives you a new perspective on UNH as a whole. It’s fun to hangout with them, but it’s also okay to spend a day to yourself. It’s important to know your limits, but not let that hold you back from everything. You only have this opportunity once!

Italy is h o t t. I recommend packing clothing that is comfortable, and cute. Yes, you will take lots of pictures so if you want to look nice, make sure you bring clothing you feel comfortable and confident in. Do pack light! I brought back lots of goodies from Italy and it for sure weighed my bag down a bit but I didn’t go over the max! I’d also recommend Teva shoes. They are comfortable and you can wear them in the water which comes in handy at the secret little swimming area…Things like sunscreen, big shampoo bottles, and notebooks can be bought in Italy, so don’t bother wasting space.

One of my favorite spots this whole trip: Venice. Be sure to take it all in while you’re there!

The food is delicious here, so please enjoy it! You’re only in Italy once. It’s necessary to take full advantage of the homeland of so many tasty treats, such as pasta, gelato, and pizza. You will be fed lots of tiramisu, pasta, and oh man so much bread.

I hope you have an awesome time. Be sure to take pictures, but also put the phone down and think about what you’re looking at and where you are. Be mindful of how lucky you are to be apart of this experience.


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